Earthquake drills conducted around Nabunturan

Nabunturan, Compostela Valley – Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Office (MDRRMO) conducts earthquake drills in daycare centers around Nabunturan last October 5 to 7, which are done done upon request necessary for the centers’ DSWD accreditation.

Teachers and students, including parents from the different daycare centers in Poblacion, Manat, Basak, and San Vicente have undergone a brief lecture facilitated by Nabunturan Emergency Response Team (NERT) members on the proper procedures during and after an earthquake.

MDRRMO Designate Wenie Portes; NERT Leader Odelio Tabuldan; Elmer Camporedondo, Michael Ugboc, Maria Anarey Adlawan, Kris John Jacinto, Irwin Melendres, Arnulfo Miras, and Allan Espinosa were the drill facilitators.

After the lecture, an earthquake drill followed where NERT member Michael Ugboc instructed the parents to guide their children in performing the dock, cover, and hold position before evacuating the building towards an open area.

MDRRMO staff and NERT leader Odelio Tabuldan said that they are happy enough to conduct drills to impart awareness.

“Sa tanan kalamadidad dili mapredict ang earthquake. Kung muabot ang earthquake kabalo na ta unsay buhaton. Ang panic ang makadisgrasya (Of all calamities, earthquake is one that is unpredictable. At least we know what to do the moment an earthquake occurs. Panic will only lead to accidents),” he added.

He also encouraged the public to practice more to be prepared when earthquake comes.

MDRRMO has also been conducting information education campaign in barangays to educate communities on the hazards of calamities and equip them with knowledge on alleviating impacts of disaster. Marga Melendres/TIS Nabunturan


MDRRMO staff Michael Ugboc explains to the students of Prk. 10 Day Care Center the safety measures during an earthquake. Photo by Marga Melendres/TIS Nabunturan


Students and teachers of Day Care center attentively follows the instruction of MDRRMO staff to dock in an open space  after ground shaking. Photo by Marga Melendres/TIS Nabunturan