Nabunturan Fire Station Values on Fire Safety Lecture and Exit Drill

Nabunturan, Compostela Valley — Tagum Cooperative Nabunturan Branch, in cooperation with the Nabunturan Fire Station held a fire safety lecture and exit drill last November 15, 2017. The branch manager and employees of the said establishment attended the seminar.

FO1 Clype Y Drona started the lecture by asking the participants on what they know about the work of a firefighter. One participant answered that a firefighter is the one who respond to any fire incident. After the participants answered, FO1 Drona presented an AVP, which shows the functions of Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP). He explained that BFP have only 30% for fire suppression and the 70% is on fire prevention where the activity is one of the preventive action against fire.

According to him, fire is composed of four elements Oxygen, Heat, Fuel, and Chemical Reaction. However, when one element is missing there will be no Fire. He presented the video on how fast a fire consumes in an office.

FO1 Donald Poe A Cabiles discussed the different classes of fire. He said that fire is classified according to the fuel it consumes and it is classified into five classes: A, B, C, D, and K.

He also explained how fire can be controlled or eliminated with the use of fire extinguisher.

“In using a fire extinguisher, one must remember TPASS. Twist the pin Pull the pin that is placed on the lever Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire. Stand six to eight feet away Squeeze the lever and Sweep from side to side,” he said.

He also discussed fire drills, sighting an example of fire incidents happened recently in Barangay Magsaysay last October 15, 2017. He explained that lack of idea on how to put the fire out or get away from it will result to panic, which eventually causes death. Thus, he emphasized that a fire drill is important to be conducted in every establishments.

FO1 Zed Nathaniel R. Polestico presented the different personal protective equipment (PPE) used against fire. He explained that the PPE that the fire fighter use is not fireproof.

He also presented different fire safety tips to be used not only in the offices but also in their respective residences. He also gave additional input about his profession and shared his knowledge about electrical aspects. He further explained that equipment and appliances not in use should be plug out not only to prevent fire but also to save electricity bill.

The employees simulated a fire drill and they were also given the chance to put out a real fire with a fire extinguisher. (BFP-Nabunturan)



F01 Zed Nathaniel R Polestico the resource speaker presented the different Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
F01 Clype Y Drona the resource speaker explains the the function of a fire fighter