Welcoming the New Binibining Nabunturan 2018

A celebration of Beauty, Sophistication, and Advocacy.

In the eve of July 21, 2018, the stage was set, the lights illuminated, and everyone was deeply excited to know who will become the next Binibining Nabunturan 2018. Friends, families, and supporters of the candidates filled the bleachers of Nabunturan National Comprehensive High School Gymnasium with pride and loud cheers. The event was hosted by Don Kryle Sy and Roselle Princess Rosas.

In accomplishing the most difficult task of choosing the next Binibining Nabunturan, esteemed judges were invited in the occasion:  Provincial Women Development Council Chairperson Ms. Sholai Lim; Education Program Supervisor in the Department of Education, Tagum City Division Mr. Darwin Suyat Ed. D.; Binibining Pilipinas 2018 top 25 Ms. Mary Joy De Castro; Fashion designer Mr. Neil Patrick Jimlani; and Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Batugnasay.

Binibining 2017, Ms. Goldy Bless Esmeralda ignited the stage with an entertaining dance number. It was then followed by the parade of the Binibining Nabunturan 2018 ladies who stunned the crowd in their Atlantis-inspired costume.

Another highlight of the event was the unveiling of the crown, a symbol of grandiose and sophistication, cascaded with gems and stones that crowns the next Binibining Nabunturan 2018.

Looking exquisitely elegant and gorgeous, the 13 candidates glided the stage in their swimsuit and long gown attire. And as the much-awaited part of the competition comes close, the people shared the thrill and exuberating excitement as the top 5 were called.

A nerve-wracking feeling roused inside the gymnasium during the Question and Answer portion. On the question, “Why should a tourist not visit Nabunturan?” Ms. Trina Marie Logroño slayed the Q&A portion with her answer, “The tourist should not visit Nabunturan only if Nabunturan is not a wonderful place. But for me, in my heart. Nabunturan is a perfect place… It is a home for everybody, a home to anyone, and a home to those who are not in here. And most especially to those tourists, I will say to them that they should come to Nabunturan because they are all welcome and they may call it a home. Thank you.”

Holding their breaths and waiting still, the crowd roared with such intensity as Binibining candidate number 3, Trina Marie Logroño was crowned Binibining Nabunturan 2018. While Binibining candidate Jaira Lumactud was 1st runner-up; Shanen May Nisnisan was 2nd runner-up; Zara Joyce Reales was crowned 3rd runner-up; and Anthonette Baranggan was crowned 4th runner-up.