Experiencing anxiety due to increased workload? Continuously thinking and worrying about reports, tasks, and deadlines? Pressured to achieve  government employees, thus the privilege for a stress-free day with Dr. Motilla.

On the 29th of October, 2018 Mayor Chelita “Chikay” Amatong indulged LGU-Nabunturan employees on a Stress Management forum with renowned Positive Psychologist, Dr. Ronaldo Motilla who travelled more than a hundred kilometers to share his expertise.

Dr. Motilla is a licensed Psychologist, Certified Specialist in Clinical Psychology, facilitator, associate professor, motivational speaker, and a lifelong learner.

His informative and entertaining lecture talked about five (5) important attitudes to manage a stressful life and become a successful person.

Hence, PERMA for Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning in Life, and Accomplishments.

Accordingly, the ways for being stress-free, happy, and successful are not from material things; rather it is positively engaging with the society and strengthening positive relationships with people, friends, and family, by finding the true meaning in life and focus to it with optimism, and by setting goals and accomplishing it prove to give genuine happiness.

Positive emotions indicate that when faced with rock-hard problems from home or at work, employees should immerse themselves with bright and constructive thoughts that would transform them into a better person.

He also shared a magnificent remedy for negativity, the 3:1 positive ratio, which is dissolving a negative emotion through three positive actions or thoughts.

And in doing so, Dr. Motilla shared 9 techniques to generate positive emotions: the Attitude of Gratitude (or by simply saying Thank you),savoring the moment, learning optimism, humor and laughter, mindfulness and prayer, regular exercise (with proper breathing), connecting with nature, good nutrition, and expressive therapies.

After the 4-hour session, employees returned in their various offices with a bright smile and empowered hearts.