In the year 1950, according to the oral tradition, the word “Sayoganan”, a place attributed to the Barangay Bayabas, was coined by the native inhabitants (Lumads) to describe the inter looking river and attributes found in the area- the source of the abundant supplies of fish for them.

On November 11, 1987, Barangay Bayabas was officially proclaimed in a newly created barangay. Hon. Prospero S. Amatong, who then served as acting Governer of Davao del Norte, was also instrumental in the creation of Brgy. Bayabas.

Barangay Officials (2012-2017)

Barangay Captain:

Hon. Cipriano T. Cuñado Sr.

Barangay Secretary:

Mrs. Phillip Jane G. Augusto

Barangay Treasurer:

Mrs. Florife L. Ortiz