Barangay Katipunan evolved from the three sitiosĀ of Barangay Matilo, namely: Kabao, Apogon, and Pasilianan. The name Katipunan was created by the early inhabitants of the barangay by extracting and consolidating letters and phrases from these sitios in the following manner:

K – from Sitio Kabao

A – from Sitio Apogon

NAN – from Sitio Pasilianan

TIPU – an additive which means unity and cooperation, hence the name KATIPUNAN

The Barangay Council of Matilo approved the petition of the residents of the sitios to separate as another barangay on May 14, 1972. The municipal council of Nabunturan endorsed the petition to the Provincial Board of Davao del Norte through SB Resolution No. 131, Series of 1972. On June 12, 1972, the Provincial Board passed SP Resolution No. 141, Series of 1972, creating Barangay Katipunan. Since then, the Araw ng Barangay Katipunan is celebrated every 12th of June each year.


Barangay Officials (2014-2016)

Barangay Captain:

Hon. Paz B. Maglangit

Barangay Councilors:

Hon. Eulogio C. Aguilo, Jr.

Hon. Jerry M. Canales

Hon. Lersther P. Lucas

Hon. Marciano D. Diola

Hon. Virgilio L. Barnes

Hon. Concepcion M. Ugnay

Hon. Elisa M. Ongayo

Barangay Secretary:

Mr. Fidel L. Juab

Barangay Treasurer:

Ms. Aida P. Monera