Once there lived in a little village bounded with creek, a native Mansaka couple with a beautiful daughter named Linda.

In the village, there arrived a stranger, a handsome gentleman where Linda fall in love with. The two got in love with so many dreams in their affair goin on.

Upon the knowledge of the parents of Linda, the father got mad. He opposes of the relation of her daughter to the stranger for he is having agreement with his co-tribal, a hospitable family in the village to marry their daughter in the future. But the father of Linda didn’t want her daughter to marry the gentlemen because they believe and according to their superstitious beliefs that their dead ancestors will got mad if they will marry other than the person belongs to their tribe.

Linda upon knowing the unacceptable facts got married, she don’t want to eat for quiet sometime and felt hopeless for herself. One time, Linda and the stranger guy attempted to stowaway but the village was guarded with so many Mansaka folks and ordered his father to keep in touch with the lovers and that order not to be objected because if so, it means death.

One moment in Linda’s loneliness alone in their house, bad thing came to her mind. She took a rope and went to the trunk of the tree at the bank of the creek tied her neck with the rope to the branch of the tree and hanged herself to DEATH.

Since then, the creek were Linda hanged herself and died, the populace of the village named the creek after the lady named Linda until such time that the people used to call the entire village into Linda.

Linda was occupied by Mansaka tribe until some strangers from the Visayas Island arrived and the place became a purok of Barangay New Sibonga.

Last August 25, 1971, the purok of Linda became a separated Barangay New Sibonga, and Barangay Linda was BORN.

There are 2 rivers and a lake.


Barangay Officials (2013-2016)

Barangay Captain:

Hon. Benito Tiador, Sr.

Barangay Councilors:

Hon. Bryan Tiador

Hon. Wilfredo Subteniente

Hon. Nenita Lucido

Hon. Ruel Casialdo

Hon. Ceriaco Nayona

Hon. Sarah Cedeño

Hon. Bonifacio Sabucdalao

Barangay Treasurer:

Mrs. Mercedita Ponce

Barangay Secretary:

Mrs. Christila Cordero