Nabunturan, Compostela Valley – Mayor Chelita Amatong leads in the reorganization of Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council (MADAC), which aims to effectively respond to the drug problem in Nabunturan, coinciding to President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s anti-drug campaign.

Mayor Amatong said during the council meeting last September 18 at the ABC Hall that the council has a big role in the implementation of the program dubbed as “OPLAN LIWANAG: Transformative Intervention Program for Voluntary Surrendereers for Reform.”

As stated in a released Executive Order, the increasing use of illegal drugs has considerably contributed to the incidence of heinous crimes.

The three-month OPLAN LIWANAG will serve as a community rehabilitation program that is aimed to cater drug dependents due to the lack of rehabilitation centers in the province.

MADAC will serve as focal point with various organizations and individuals who work together cooperatively in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs, projects and activities on drug abuse prevention, provide an effective mechanism for the coordination of existing services and those which might be developed in the immediate future, provide for the mechanism to obtain funds, facilities, volunteers and technical expertise, and perform other related responsibilities as may be assigned by competent authorities.

MADAC is comprised of Municipal Mayor Chelita Amatong as chair, PNP Nabunturan Chief of Police PCI Adolfo Eyan, DOJ Municipal Judge, Vice Mayor Rodel Balili, SB on Education Hon. Jeovy Mandin, MLGOO Evan Noel Pascua, Municipal Health Officer Dr. Danielo Rubillos, MSWDO Alma Delia Besana, West Dirstict Supervisor Florlinda Dinopol, East District Supervisor Pepe Aradilla, Pastor Jolly Furio, and Municipal Information Officer Designate Leah Calamba.

Barangay Officials will be at the forefront in the implementation of the program, in partnership with the PNP and the support of MADAC and Provincial Anti-drug Abuse Council (PADAC), which includes weekly counseling, community services, family and marriage enrichment activities, life and skills training, and many other daily activities.

An orientation of Barangay captains regarding OPLAN LIWANAG was also conducted by Josephine M. Frasco, Provincial Social Welfare and Development Department Head of Compostela Valley last September 24 at the ABC Building.

Mayor Amatong pledged that the LGU, in coordination with the provincial government, will give financial support for the activities under the OPLAN LIWANAG for the drug dependents who have sworn to completely cut-off drug usage.

Profiling of level of dependence of drug users, spearheaded by Dr. Daniello Robillos, is the first step of the program. Marga Melendres/TIS Nabunturan