Local Government of Nabunturan, led by Mayor Chelita C. Amatong, has finally streamlined a faster and efficient Business Permit and Licensing System (BPLS) through the Enhanced Tax Revenue Assessment and Collection version 2.5 in time for the kick-off of issuance of business permits on January 2017.

The streamlining of BPLS has led to adopting a unified form, reducing the number of signatories, limiting the number of steps in securing permits and licenses, and reducing processing time through automation.

BPLS also paved the way to implement other national flagship programs of partner agencies geared towards transparency and accountability of government transactions

The Business One-Stop Shop operating at the recently inaugurated Negosyo Center, with personnel from Engineering Office, MHO, SSS, MPDC, BPLO, BFP, and Philippine Red Cross deployed to issue the business permit processing requirements, has made business permit renewal more convenient for business owners and tricycle operators.

Business permit renewal process has been reduced to 4 easy steps: application, assessment, payment, and permit release. Requirements for getting business permits include Cedula, Barangay Clearance, Assessor’s Clearance, Sketch of Business Location and 2X2 ID Pictures.

Gilda Aldaya, Licensing Officer III, expressed that permit processing time has been reduced, targeting a one day processing period, since LGU is geared to make doing business in Nabunturan easier for tax payers.

She also revealed in an interview that the BPLO has recorded a significant increase in its generated revenue, business tax collection and number of business permits issued.

lection and number of business permits issued. A Tax Payers’ Forum were conducted by BPLO in 27 Barangays last year for an orientation on the increase of the amount of payment as well as the benefits of the upgraded tax collection computerization program ETRACS version 2.5.