Nabunturan, Compostela Valley – “Cinema is both a passion and an art…it comes from within.”

These words by Zamboangeno filmmaker Ryanne Murcia inspired 13 aspiring filmmakers, mostly students and teachers from the different provinces of Mindanao, during the Sine Indie Film Camp 5 last May 24-26, 2017 at the Villa Amor Hotel.

The 3-day film workshop is geared to nurture potential filmmakers to produce their own films and discuss the basic elements of film: narrative, cinematography, mise-en-scene, editing, and sound.

Arnel Barbarona, a multi-awarded Mindanaoan cinematographer and editor, emphasized that a cinema is a visual language, thus, telling a story through images. He also added that a film is a way to push ones agenda and beliefs.

After the participants set their expectations, Cinema Rehiyon 9 Festival Director Atty. Karen Santiago-Malaki expressed “Filmmaking is not just in camera angle & editing effects; a beautiful film could start from a beautiful story.”

The directors also screened some of their remarkable works: In the middle of an End and Apasol by Murcia and Tu Pug Imatuy and Haylo by Barbarona in between their lectures.

The first day was devoted to an introduction to filmmaking and basic story development. Each participant told a story based on their own experiences that could be turned into a screenplay.

Barbarona lectured on advance editing techniques and cinematography principles. Along with identifying proper shots and angles, he expounded on the psychology of cinematography–how one shot emanates multiple interpretations from the audience.

On Actual Shoot

Campers eagerly applied their new learnings through filmmaking short clips of subjects in close-up, medium, and wide shots, while baring in mind the Eye Trace principle upon editing.

On directing, Murcia said that there is no single rule to it. He said that each has their own style on how to tell the story of the movie.

Participants then gathered around the resource speakers to pitch their stories for screenplay. The ones who had their scripts approved will be given seed money for them to produce their own films.

The camp ended with a brief graduation ceremony of soon to be award-winning filmmakers. Atty. Malaki then extended her gratitude to the passion-driven participants.

Sine Indie 5 is one of the build-up activities for Cinema Rehiyon 9, a non-competition national film festival initiated by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) to be held in Nabunturan on August 22-27, 2017.

The film workshop is conducted by the Municipal Tourism Council of Nabunturan, Inc. (MTCNI) and LGU Nabunturan through the Tourism Office. Marga Melendres/TIS


Campers’ actual workshop. Photo by Tourism Office


Director Ryanne Murcia discusses basic story development to participants. Photo by Tourism Office