LGU Nabunturan led by mayor Chelita Amatong recognize the efforts of Sheryl Moana Marie Ollamina.

January 29, 2018, was a stupefying day for the contestants of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nation) Quiz Bee held at Abreeza Ayala Mall. Students from the different regions attended the Mindanao-wide tilt.

Sheryl Moana Marie Ollamina, a student from NNCHS (Nabunturan National Comprehensive High School) achieved what is clearly a success, outwitting other competitors by garnering 40 points in two rounds and ending the competition with a blast. Ollamina and her coach, Lanifer Songahid, were overwhelmed and in a daze. The win is also considered as one of the most iconic moments in the history of the school.

“I felt overwhelmed because I never thought I would be involved and even win a grand competition,” she said.

“I do admit that I never had the optimism to win the event because I thought my preparation is not that enough but I just offer it to Him and let everything happen. I guess it’s just my time, like really my time.”

The integral moment when Ollamina shared about her ideals and beliefs is worthwhile and out of ordinary. “Winning is all about the feeling of satisfaction after great sacrifices. It’s all about contentment, not on having what you wanted the most but realizing how great you already have. I believe that even if I fail or lose, the knowledge I had gained after studying ASEAN is already a great reward. And failing is learning. At some point, I was used in failing that I never expected to win. It’s okay for me whatever the result will be.”

She talked about making sacrifices and having faith in the Almighty God. “I do believe that when you ask for something you must offer sacrifices. So I did what I have to. I just genuinely want to give my very best in this competition because I think this will be my last shot before I graduate high school.”

“I wanted to make it memorable, historical, and momentous. It is also, one of my best preparation so far. Before the competition, I ask for His guidance, that win or lose I will offer everything to Him,” she stated, still banged up on her breakthrough from ASEAN.