As a pre-celebration activity for the Tourism Month, the Municipality of Nabunturan headed by Mayor Chelita C. Amatong, through the collaboration of Municipal Youth Development Council and the Tourism Section, a creative Handicraft Making Workshop was initiated last August 29-31, 2018 at Nabunturan National Comprehensive High School (NNCHS).

The workshop was attended by 50 Senior High School Students of NNCHS who were taught about Abaca Braiding, Abaca Weaving, and Accessory-making. They were also given a chance to generate their own crafts and put to tangible products like fashionable headbands, phone stands, flower holders, and other accessories.

Consequently, it showcased the creativity and skills of the students who have astounded not just themselves but also the organizers and speakers of the event in their crafts made from Abaca. The workshop was successful in promoting the significance of handicraft making not just for economic purposes, but also in preserving the culture and tradition.

The Handicraft Workshop also achieved its goal in advocating for the sustainability of the traditional craft heritage in the locality by immersing and educating the young participants in the said event.

During the last day, the young artisans had a chance to have a first-hand experience in weaving and warping Abaca using the traditional tool called Loom found in the Cooperative Handicraft Industry of Nabunturan (CHAIN) at the Tourism Office. After their toil and hard work, they were also toured in a vast Abaca plantation in Nator Abaca Farm, Brgy. Cabidianan.