7 Nabunturanon short films screened at Cinema Rehiyon XI

With their theme, Elevating Cinema, almost a hundred of films have been showed in the different screening venues of the Cinema Rehiyon XI. Held at the Home of the Gentle People, Dumaguete City, the 5-day National Film Festival for regional films, have been a platform for film makers to meet new friends, network to producers and to watch films produced and shot in different regions in the Philippines. Out of the hundred films that were screened at Cinema Rehiyon XI are films produced and shot in Nabunturan. Here are the seven films from Nabunturan that was screened during the festival:


Pantasma by Sheryl Moana Marie R. Ollamina and Justine Rome A. Ardepuela

Set in the timeline where all people are into social media. Butchok finds himself in a dilemma because the girl he likes isn’t in any social media.

Lawod by Gelian Merca


Antasia desired to enjoy the remaining months of her life, but her Aunt refused to let her out. She, then, as a way of giving herself freedom, imagined that all rooms of the house, opens significant memories from her past and desires about what she could do if she’s free enough.


Utok Kagang by Jed Eliakim Naïve
A story about a public market vendor who is desperate enough to do “barang” with his co-business men in order for him, to gain more income and less business competitors.


Idoy by John Carlou Romanos
Dodoy, a transgender woman, who wanted to get out of poverty through marrying a foreigner, but has to face the condition of having her penis removed.

Ikyas by Akeah Theress B. Valdez
Jennyl, a mere conscience of a low-spirited individual, finds her way out of phantasm in order to drawback the lost hope and will to live. As she and her friend, Sarah, see the lifeless soul of one helpless girl, and the wound that is rapidly bleeding on her slashed wrist, she ran for her life. Remarkably showing how the empathy of one’s conscience as it hauls itself from delusions and depression.


Gakos by Bahabbek O. Santiago

A story about a son who live along with his mother with his mental disorder, it burdens him every day and gradually loose his coping mechanism which lead to kill his own mother and eventually turned into a psycho.

Konam by Rodel Artiaga
A story of a loving father whose desperation leads him to a job that ultimately decides his fate.


Present during the whole week of the festival are the National Cinema Committee headed by Teddy Co and the Festival Directors of the various film festival around the Philippines. The 12th Edition of the said National Festival of the Regional Films will be held at Naga City, February last week next year 2019. Cinema Rehiyon is a flagship project of the Cinema Committee of NCCA and co-presented by the Film Development Council of the Philippines, Dumaguete City Tourism Office and other partner institutions in the city.