Last November 15,2019, the Local Government Unit of Nabunturan with Local Chief Executive Chelita C. Amatong and the Municipal Health Office, headed by Dr. Danielo O. Rubillos, is very much delighted to be awarded the prestigious DOH Red Orchid Awards 2019 for 100% Tobacco-Free Environment at Grand Mensing, Davao City.

The Red Orchid Award is an annual search for 100% Tobacco-Free Environment among different administrative levels (national, regional, provincial, city, municipal) of the Department of Health (DOH).

The winners are judged based on the strength of the comprehensive efforts to implement the 100% smoke-free environments using the World Health Organization (WHO) MPOWER initiative.

MPOWER is an acronym that denotes the six proven tobacco control policies: Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies; Protect people from tobacco smoke; Offer help to quit tobacco use; Warn against the dangers of tobacco; Enforce bans on tobacco advertising; and Raise taxes on tobacco.

The result of percentages become the basis for the color of the orchid each nominee will receive. The White Orchid (71-80%) and the Pink Orchid (81-90%) are considered as runner up and Red Orchid (100%) is the winner.

LGU-Nabunturan with the Municipal Anti-Smoking Task Force is truly grateful to every barangay, agencies, organizations and individuals who supported this initiative of a Smoke-Free Nabunturan. (IO, RL)