The Motorcycle Club Municipal Federation of Nabunturan headed by Hon. Charley Vic Seno discussed with Mayor Chelita C. Amatong earlier today their intention to conduct relief operations to the Odette-stricken areas in Surigao 26th of this month.

Together with the club members, LGU Nabunturan, and PLGU Davao De Oro headed by Gov. Jayvee Tyron Uy, the group hopes to gather enough donations to be delivered to affected individuals and families.

For donations, you may contact:

1. PCMRCI – Purok City Mix Riders Club Inc.

2. MRCI – Mix Riders Club Inc.

3. SON – Sniper of Nabunturan


5. MRC – Motomix Riders Club of Nabunturan

6. SKRC – Sniper King Riders Club

7. CLUB 150i

8. RIMMC – Riders of Infinity Moto Mix Club


10. NUR – Nabunturan Unified Riders

11. SBMC – Stallion Biker’s Moto Club Inc.

12. CRMC – Certified Road Master Club

13. PRSC – Philippine Road Sport Confederation

14. AMC – All Mio Club

15. AVATAR – Avatar Speedy Riders

16. MTRX – Magsaysay Trail Riders Xtreme

17. ER150N – Easy Riders 150N Club

18. DDORMC – Davao de Oro Riders Mix Club

19. MRMC – Mainit Riders Mix Club

20. PAMMC – Pangutosan All MC Club


09423453365 – Charley Vic Seno (MCMF PRESIDENT)

The group aims to provide bottled water and food packs.