PR NumberName of ProjectClick to Download
100-22-01-0196Materials for Completion of Perimeter Fence at New Dauis Elementary School
100-22-01-0265Meals for Bulawanong Kabatan-onan, Walang Iwanan!
100-22-02-0358Medical Supplies for Birthing Clinic
200-22-02-0406Materials for Improvement of School Building and Perimeter Fence at Bayabas NHS
200-22-02-0415Sound System with Led & Lights Rental
100-22-02-0411Materials for Construction of Purok Center at P13-Magsaysay
100-22-02-0562Tires for Dumptrucks
100-22-02-0521RCPC (Culvert)
100-22-02-0506PE Coupling and PE Hose
100-22-02-0509Materials for Expansion of PWS Level II at Brgy. Cabidianan
100-22-02-0522Materials for Construction of Senior Citizen Building at P2 Sto NiƱo
100-22-02-0518Electrical Materials for Manat Central E/S
100-22-02-0590Meals and Snacks for Women Summit
100-22-02-0593Meals and Snacks for TESDA Community Training
100-22-03-0690Spareparts for R/M of Dumptruck
100-22-03-0786Medical and Medicine Supplies for Operation Tuli
100-22-03-0878Pest and Termite Control
100-22-03-0877Fabrication of Basketball Board
100-22-03-0927Purchase of Sports Equipment for NYDC
100-22-03-0946Materials for Rehabilitation of Drainage Canal at P12, Brgy. Poblacion, Nabunturan
100-22-03-0964Materials for Improvement of Duplex Model Houses (23 Units Waterproofing) at Mahayahay Village
100-22-03-0955RCPC (Culvert)
100-22-03-0996Outdoor Projector
100-22-03-1049Speaker and Sound System
100-22-03-1049Speaker and Sound System
100-22-04-1081Rescue Pants and Responder Jackets
100-22-04-1084Materials for R/M of Municipal Hall and MHO
100-22-04-0113Food Stuff for CVO's
100-22-04-1210One (1) Set Floating Seal Assembly
100-22-04-1234Medical Supplies for RHU
100-22-04-1266Vegetable Seeds
100-22-05-1377Medicines for TB Patients
100-22-05-1422Spareparts for R/M of RP Grader
100-22-05-1448Rappeling Gloves and Working Gloves
100-22-05-1484Materials for Construction of Multi Purpose Pavement at Brgy. Magading
100-22-05-1485Materials for Concreting of Cemetery Access Road at Brgy. Bayabas
100-22-05-1549Medical and Medicine Supplies for Birthing Patients
300-22-05-1541ECG Cable and ECG Motherboard
100-22-05-1581Electrical Materials for R/M of Streetlights at Brgy. Poblacion, Nabunturan
200-22-05-1642Materials for Construction of Canopy at NCESSC
200-22-05-1641Materials for Renovation of School Canteen at Manat National High School
100-22-05-1651Polo Shirt and Umbrella with Print
100-22-05-1666Van Rental for Day Care Workers' Training
100-22-05-1672Materials for Repair and Improvement of School Perimeter Fence at Manat National High School
100-22-06-1693Materials for Improvement of Duplex Model House (1 unit)
100-22-06-1714Meals and Snacks for SMAW Activity
100-22-06-1724Materials for R/M of School Building
100-22-06-1784Two (2) Units Airconditioner
200-22-06-1825Improv't of School Building at Kao NHS
100-22-06-1832Meals and Snacks for Oath Taking Ceremony
100-22-06-1869RCPC (Culvert)
100-22-06-1907Meals and Snacks forYFPM Camp
100-22-06-1937Materials for Rehabilitation of Child Development Center at P6 Brgy. Mainit, Nabunturan
100-22-06-1935Materials for Rehabilitation of Child Development Center at P15, Brgy. Mainit, Nabunturan
100-22-06-1966Materials for Rehabilitation of Perimeter Fence at P10, Brgy. Poblacion, Nabunturan
100-22-06-1967Materials for Construction of Perimeter Fence at P4, Brgy. Sasa, Nabunturan
100-22-06-1981PE Hose for replacement of Water Pipelines at P1B to P3, Brgy. Katipunan
100-22-06-1990Materials for Improvement of School Building at Libasan Elementary School
100-22-06-1988Materials for Construction of Perimeter Fence at Antequera Childhood Development Center at Brgy. Antequera, Nabunturan
100-22-06-1987GI Coupling and GI Pipe for Well Development for Water System at P4, Brgy. Antequera
100-22-06-2000Materials for Construction of Perimeter Fence and Installation of Floor Tiles at Purok Center, P3, Brgy. Poblacion
100-22-06-2022Materials for Improvement of Senior Citizen Building at Brgy. Bayabas
100-22-06-2041Medical Supplies for Ultrasound and Birthing Patients
100-22-07-2111Food Stuff for Law Enforcement Agency
200-22-07-2179Materials for Improvement of School Building at New Sibonga NHS
200-22-07-2180Materials for Improvement of School Perimeter Fence at Cabidianan NHS
100-22-07-2145Checklist for EECD
100-22-07-2203Sound System Rental
100-22-07-2215Desktop Signages
100-22-07-2305Tablet and cellphone
300-22-07-2385Desktop Computers
100-22-07-2441Materials for Construction of Personnel Quarters PNP
100-22-07-2442Tire for for RP of Dumptruck
100-22-07-2448Tire for RP of Grader