One of the twenty eight (28) regular barangays of the municipality of Nabunturan, Basak was once a sitio of Barangay Pangutosan by virtue of the Municipal Council Resolution No. 131, series of 1972, and the Provincial Board Resolution No. 441, dated July 12, 1972. It was converted into a regular barangay in accordance with the Provisions of Republic Act No. 3590, otherwise known as the Revised Barrio Charter.

Basak, which is situated in a flat level land of the eastern side of Barangay Pangutosan, is only five (5) kilometers away from the Poblacion. This barangay got its name Basak, which means “Marshy Place,” because of its terrain and location. It is a marshy area traversed by a provincial road, the dead end of which is the boundary of Barangay Magading, an adjacent barangay on its eastern side.

In the year 1972, just after its creation, seven (7) barangay officials were elected with Mr. Salvador Lindo as the first Barangay Captain. A few months later, after the declaration of Martial Law, one (1) Barangay Council man died, (3) three tendered their resignation, leaving only three (3) officials to administer the official functions of the barangay.

The barangay has a school house ready for use. But since the enrollment does not warrant for the opening of classes, the building is unused to the present. It also has a staff house intended as lodging house for the technical persons who would render service to the barangay.

Generally, the area is fertile agriculture land, but it has not been fully cultivated due to the absence of the irrigation facilities, water works system, and barangay roads penetrating the interior parts of the area. At present the barangay people are looking forward to the completion of the construction of the provincial road cutting through Basak to Barangay Magading.  With its completion, the vast fertile land and its vicinity will finally be opened giving way to their full cultivation.

At the start of the creation of the said barangay in the year 1972 it had an initial population of 568. The recent census however, conducted by the 1st Batch of PBL Round 2 showed that there are only 466 left. The reduction of its can be attributed to the migration of residents to other barangays due to the present predicament of the area.

However, there is glowing hope that Barangay Basak in the near future will be converted into a productive and pleasant place to live in. Included in the blue print of the municipal government are the infrastructures needs of the people in the barangay such as the irrigation facilities, water system, roads and drainage system. When these projects will soon be constructed and finally realized, Barangay Basak will be on its march to progress.

Barangay Basak is located at the eastern part of the municipality. The neighboring barangays are Magsaysay at North, Antequera at South, Magading at East, Pangutosan at West. The said barangay has a plain surface of land. The land area was covered almost by rice fields, and coconut trees and other portion was planted with fruit trees. Basak has a land area of  880 hectares.