In 1946, this place was occupied by the natives commonly known as the Mansaka. They were the first inhabitants of this place.

They called this place before as “KABAKUNGKUNGAN” because most of the trees found here were BAKUNGKUNG trees.  As the years past, the natives agreed to change the name because it’s too long, so they change to “CABACUNGAN”   shorter way of saying KABAKUNGKUNGAN.

In 1947, the Visayans came here, and most of them from Sevilla, Bohol. Then, the natives transferred   to other places.  The parcel of land was given to the first Visayan who came here and cultivate the land.

In the year 1972 with the help of the Barangay Captain of Cabacungan, Cabacungan was then crested into a new barangay.