Barangay Cabidianan is one of the oldest barangays of the municipality of Nabunturan. Before the creation of the municipality of Nabunturan in 1957, Cabidianan is a full blown barangay, under the municipality of Compostela with abaca as their major agricultural crop.

The name “Cabidianan” was derived from the native fauna called BADIANG which occupies alongside of the river of the barangay. The early settlers, Mansakas, originally called the place “KABADYANGAN”.

Barangay Cabidianan comprises almost 2,000 hectares. After the birth of Barangay Antequera in 1967 and Barangay Sta. Maria in 1969, respectively barangay Cabidianan being the mother barangay has 900 hectares left with four (4) persons in every one (1) hectare of land.

Presently, there are four (4) major leading agricultural crops in Barangay Cabidianan namely: Coconut, Banana (Plantation), Lemonsito and Copra. Minor crops are as follows: rubber, rice, cacao, coffee, banana (Carnaba) Binangay and other crops.

Majority of the barangay residents have its own backyard livestocks. There are industrial establishments present in the barangay, such as: industrial factories, hollow blocks making and other similar factories.

As to ethnical background, majority of the total population are Bol-anon, followed by Leyte├▒o, Mansaka, Muslim and Luzonian. Roman Catholics rank number one (1) followed by the Protestants, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Jehovah Witnesses and presence of Muslims.


Barangay Officials (2013-2016)

Barangay Captain:

Hon. Rolando C. Resma

Barangay Secretary:

Rovelyn B. Burlas

Barangay Treasurer:

Davie E. Baluis