Formerly, barangay Magsaysay is a sitio inside Barangay Lino-an which is under the Municipality of Compostela where Nabunturan is the Poblacion. Barangay Lino-an follows the national highway from Km. 91 to Km. 100 ruled by Barrio Lieutenant (as called before). During the incumbency of Barrio Lieutenant. Raymundo Gregorio and his barrio councilman have pass a barangay resolution to build up school house within Km. 95 in a one (1) hectare more or less donated by. Mr. Martin Siarot.

This was established and thru the recommendation of Mr. Mamerto C. Piastro, the first teacher of this place, the school named “Magsaysay Memorial Primary School” now Magsaysay who died in a plane crushed in Mt. Manunggal, March 17, 1957 later on, this place is called Sitio Magsaysay from Km. 91 down to Km. 96 boundary of Casangay Bridge.

In the year 1966, that was September 24, when Barrio Captain Anastacio Melendez Sr. with his barrio councilors pass a resolution earnestly.

There are 3 caves , 4 hills and 2 waterfalls in this barangay.


Barangay Official:

Barangay Captain:

Hon. Captain Vincent Y. Diano Sr.