In a peaceful place, 9.5 kilometers from the Poblacion of Nabunturan, a progressive barangay was created. It’s creation was officially approved in July 1957. Barangay Manat is peacefully situated in the Eastern part of the Municipality of Nabunturan. In the beginning Manat was a vast forest, with a winding and scattered creeks, wherein the name “Makanat” meaning scattered was first introduced by the first inhabitants, the MANSAKA tribes. Their means of living is thru planting rice, corn, root crops, fishing, and hunting wild boar. Later on they agreed to name the place “Manat” which derived from the word “MAKANAT”.

The first ruler of the place was called Teniente Barrio in the name of Pesing Valentin, followed by Jose Masambo, Pio Javines, Alipio Lajera, Eutiquio Muga, and Domingo Mesiona. They hold such positions by virtue of the appointment from the higher officials and approval of the constituents. By the unity of all the people, a successful and progressive barangay stands. They were Marcos Secuya, Ceferino Resma, Luis Nator and etc. Because of the distance from the Poblacion and no road opening, with the initiative of the natives and Bisaya, school building was constructed with Mr. Cervantes as Grade 1 and 2 teacher followed by Mr. Ismael, Juan Salarda, Mr. Remegio Jala until 1950. Additional teachers were assigned in Manat like Mr. Teofilo Gomez, Mr. Bernardino Pajaron, Ms. Felicidad Domingo, Mr. Faustino Ador, Ms. Gabina A. Tomas and Ms. Ester Blanza. Most of them were promoted to higher positions, Mr. Teofilo Gomez as Regional Director in the Department of Education Culture and Sports. Then Mr. Bernardino Pajaron as Regional Assistant as Non-Formal Education. He initiated the creation of Manat Community High School with the assistance of former Board Member Simplicio Montaño, former Barangay Captain Pedro Marfe and his company Barangay Officials in 1966. It started with thirty seven (37) students and one (1) teacher. In 1998 Manat Community School became Manat National High School, with more than one (1) thousand students and twenty three (23) teachers under Mrs. Rosita A. Paican as principal. We also have the Manat Central Elementary School with nineteen (19) teachers under the leadership of Mrs. Lydia A. Amante and she also the District Coordinating Principal.

The first election was in 1964 with Mr. Pedro Marfe as the first Barangay Captain elect. Then followed by former Barangay Captains, Mr. Sofronio Calamba, Mr. Marcelo Polinar, Ms. Teodora Catoc, Mr. Maximo Tumanda, Mrs. Florencia Zafra and now our incumbent Barangay Captain Melchor R. Espere who was elected in the year 1997 up to present. With all the improvements visible to everyone we can proudly say that Manat is really a peaceful and progressive barangay. Proof to that we have more or less five hundred households and a total population of almost three thousand. We already have almost 90% of the households energized, a potable water supply in every Purok, two (2) water reservoirs in Purok-1 and one (1) at sitio Maan with several farm to market roads opened, infrastructure projects has been constructed like our Multi-Purpose Hall, Public Terminal Building, wet stall market building, block tiendas at the Market Site, Day Care Center, Health Center, Covered Court and a new Barangay Hall soon to be finished. With our strong determination and continuous support of our constituents. Manat will continue to rise in progress in the years to come with all the blessing from God.


Barangay Official (2013-2016)

Barangay Captain:

Hon. Melchor R. Espere