Barangay Mipangi was formerly a sitio of Barangay New Sibonga when the said barangay was proclaimed a part of the newly-created Municipality of Nabunturan.

Sitio Mipangi was located in the south of Barangay New Sibonga. It was named after the “PANGI” trees abundant in the area. The early inhabitants called their place Mipangi; “MI” from the word “my” and “Pangi” from the trees in the area.

It was by virtue of proclamation No. 09 dated 29th day of August, 1972 by Hon. Acting Governor CECELIA DELA PAZ, the sitio Mipangi and sitio Linda were established as Barangay’s separate from barangay New Sibonga. The first barangay captain of Mipangi after its proclamation was Hon. Jesus Nobleza, followed by Hon. Lorenzo Llanos who acts as Barangay Captain up to the year 2002; Hon. Melecio Agra was elected as Barangay Captain and he end his public service last April 05, 2006 due to his death; and Hon. Roger E. Saligumba was the successor to take-over the said position. He started and acts as Barangay Captain on April 10, 2006 up to the present.

Barangay Mipangi has eleven (11) Puroks and two (2) sitios namely: Sitio Dampinas and Sitio Tagaytay and the clan sitios are Sitio Mangga, Sitio New Panay. The celebration of ARAW NG BARANGAY MIPANGI falls every 25th day of August.

Barangay Officials (2013-Present)

Barangay Captain:

Hon. Romeo R. Arizo Sr.

Barangay Secretary:

Mrs. Emily B. Sambilad

Barangay Treasurer:

Mrs. Anselma C. Guevarra