The name New Dauis originated from their beloved hometown Dauis, Bohol. At first, most of the settlers are all Boholanos. At that time, New Dauis was a sitio of Barangay Magading.

On December 30, 1972, New Dauis was created into a barangay. It was separated from its mother barangay Magading and partially extracted from barangay Ogao through the leadership of Mr. Martin Arangcon. The appointed barangay Captain was the late Mr. Eufronio Bongay with his six Barangay Councilmen, namely: Mr. Cecilio Arangcon; Mr. Hilario Baranda; Mr. Antonio Binayon;  Mr. Bernardo Homigop, Sr.; Mr. Antioco Libosada; Mr. Mamerto Abratiguin and its Barangay Secretary Mr. Paulino Micarandayo and the Barangay Treasurer Mr. Juan Arancon.

In the year 1977, the appointed barangay officials tried to have a primary school. They used the chapel as their temporary school building for their children. There were only two (2) primary grades opened, Grades I & II and Mr. Buenaventura Talip was the first teacher assigned.

In the year 1978, the P.T.A. Building was built with Two (2) rooms through coordination of the barangay officials and parents. Year 2005, the elected Barangay Officials decided to opened Grade III & Grade IV classes in order to complete the Primary School of Barangay New Dauis with Two (2) teachers assigned. Mrs. Ginalyn A. Vertudazo and Mrs. Annabelle G. Sanchez. There were opened and complete the Primary level of Education from Grade I up to Grade IV, while Grade V & VI are studying at nearby barangays, such as Gabi Elementary School and Antequera Elementary School.

The Barangay Officials of Barangay New Dauis adopt opportunity that has been offered by the government for the benefits of the constituency concerning the Health Programs of the Government. Indeed, Barangay New Dauis has participated in the higher competition in line with Nutrition, not only in Municipal, Province and Region but also in National Level. In the Nationwide Search for the Most Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar competition, our BNS Mrs. Susan Humigop Inson is already a National Winner Award in the year 2004. The prestige accomplishment of Mrs. Susan Humigop Inson has brought honor and distinction to the Province of Compostela Valley and to Barangay New Dauis and to all Dauisnon.

At the present, the dreams of the Boholano will become a success, peaceful and progressive barangay, through the participation, cooperation and coordination of the former barangay officials and the present barangay officials and to the different organizational sectors.

In this Barangay History, may I have the honor to inclusive the list of the Former Barangay Officials in the Record Book from the year 1973 up to the present, as a guide for the next coming generation.

In the year 1973-1979, the elected Barangay Captain was Hon. Cecelio D. Arangcon with his six (6) Barangay Councilmen, namely; Hon. Mamerto B. Abratiguin; Mr. Bernardo A. Humigop, Sr.; late Mr. Hilario Baranda; late Mr. Antioco L. Libosada; late Mr. Zacarias Dompor; late Mr. Antonio Binayon; with two (2) appointed persons, namely; late Mr. Paulino Micarandayo, Sr. his Barangay Secretary and late Mr. Juan Arancon his Barangay Treasurer.

In New Dauis, there is a total area of 522.7287 hectares. 498.3507 has. of which are planted to crops such as: Coconut (119.65 has. or 69.72%), Banana (37.25 has. or 13.55%), fruit trees (17.50 has. or 6.37%), Rice (13.25 has. or 4.82%), Oil Palm (6.5 has. or 2.36% ), Corn (5.75 has. or 2.09%) and vegetable (3 has. or 1.09%). Major crops grown are: Coconut, Banana, Fruit trees, rice.

New Dauis - Barangay Officials

Punong BarangayRAYMUNDO B. TUBAL
Barangay KagawadMODISTO P. WABE
Barangay KagawadPETRA M. MALIG-ON
Barangay KagawadBASILIO R. ARANCON
Barangay KagawadGINO C. UGAY
SK ChairpersonJIAN C. BONGAY