New Sibonga

Barangay New Sibonga was formerly named as DAMPINAs by the early inhabitant in the year 1940’s. Ther are the Ilonggos, Leyteneos, cebuanos and Boholanos. They occupied and titled the land and also mingled with the natives, such as Mansaka and Mandaya.

On August 10, 1948 the first school building was opened and the name Dampinas was changed into New Sibonga, in favor of the decision of the first Teniente Del Bario, the late Vicente Llanos and the number of Cebuanos who came from the Cebunga, Cebu. On the same date the late Mr. Vicente Llanos announced to the public that New Sibonga as Barangay under the Municipality of Saug now called Asuncion.

Years passed Barangay New Sibonga was seperated from the Municipality of saug and it was become one of the baranngay under Municipality of Compostela. At that time Nabunturan was still barangay and it was under the same municipality.

On July,23, 1057 by virtue of Executive order No. 2039 Barangay Nabunturan was proclaimed as a town making New Sibonga under its Municipality. The first town Mayor was the late Lauro C. Arabejo

Barangay New Sibonga was the largest and oldest Brangay of Nabunturan. It was on Virtue of the Republic Act No. 3590 dated August 25, 1072 that sitio Mipangi and Sitio Linda be seperated. The town Mayor at that was Hon. Prospero S. Amatong. The Author of the creation was the late Barangay Captain Gregorio Osorio.

The year marks the reigning captaincy of Hon. Basilio Ambalong until December 15, 1997. After the death, first Kagawad Hon. Jovito Andig is the Barangay Captain from August 15, 2002 up to 2007. Hon. Angel V. Sison elected last December 2013 up to present time.

Brangay New Sibonga composed of Eight Purok (8) and celebrates its founding anniversary every 10th of August.


Barangay Officials(2017-Present)

Barangay Captain:

Hon. Angel V. Sison

Barangay Secretary:

Mrs. Rosalie A. Provido

Barangay Treasurer:

Mr. Jefferson V. Gerona