Barangay Ogao was derived from the first river in this place called Tagbinaogao River.

Barangay Ogao is an agricultural land highlighting their products such as rice, coconut, corn and banana. These products are the farmers source of income in their barangay. They are also abundant in biological enviroment especially in birds and fresh water fish.

Barangay Ogao is adored by the ritual processes and cultural practices. In marriage the practice called Panuhod which is asking for the parents blessing. While in planting they wait for the cresent moon before they start to plant the rice seedlings.


Barangay Officials (2013-Present)

Barangay Captain:

Hon. Milagros A. Nistal

Barangay Councilors:

Hon. Sherwin Torentina

Hon. Feliciano Pontevedra

Hon.  Arturo Tagalog Jr.

Hon. Luis Castillo

Hon. Marcelino Aycp Sr.

Hon. Bernardita mante

Hon. Villarosa Badilla

Barangay Secretary:

Mr. Ocel Amongan-Sedoriosa

Barangay Treasurer:

Mrs. Angel Badilla