Pangutosan was once a part of Barrio Nabunturan, now the Municipality of Nabunturan. Its name was derived from the name of “DATU PANGUTOSAN” who was the leader that time. During that time, leaders of the Brangay were called tiniente del Bario. Later, Teniente del Bario was changed into Barangay Captain.

The officers of the Barangay put up Catholic Church and opend a pimary school which was made of round timber, and “inak-ak” as roffing. The said school building as constructed by means of bayanihan system.


Barangay Officials (2013-Present)

Barangay Captain:

Hon. Hipolito A. Baluis

Barangay Councilors:

Hon. Marita J. Ramirez

Hon. Efren P. Baluis

Hon. Recolita L. Canaway

Hon. Rolando D. Orpilla

Hon. Felix L. Piala

Hon. Mariven B Lubiano

Hon. Amado L. Ramirez

Barangay Secretary:

Mrs. Kara Marie O. Tagupa

Barangay Treasurer:

Mr. Marilou O. Reambonanza


Hon. Junelita L. Planas