San Roque

Barangay San Roque was named after San Rogue the patron saint of a Catholic chapel located at Purok 2.

One of their highlighted cultural heritage is the Mansaka Dress, that use a lot of lines in their dress with shapes such as diamonds and squares versus the use of circles. Their prominent bangs showing that it’s a part of their fashion. The large earplugs (barikogs) in their earlobes, shell and wood bracelets, and circular silver breastplates (paratina) are also common elements in mansaka dress.

Barangay San Roque’s delicacies are the Tabidak and Laspong and their important ingredients are chickens, pigs, fish, levaes of Gabi, rice and the Gabi itself.

Barangay Officials (2013-Present)

Barangay Captain:

Hon. Rey S. Daanoy

Barangay Councilors:

Hon. Flordeline G. Barte

Hon. Elsa A. Daanoy

Hon. Noel N. Daanoy

Hon Lydia T. Malacora

Hon. Gaspar D. Daanoy

Hon. Oliver A. Endaya

Hon.Rodrigo D. Lumangyao

Hon. Gloria M. Milar

Barangay Secretary:

 Nida T. Acao

Barangay Treasurer:

  Ms. Emma L. Balangan


 Mr.Raymond C. Galariad