San Vicente

Carabao- serves as farmers partner

Coconut- symbolize as one of the major crop in the Barangay

Agricultural Land (basakan)- symbolizes as one of the major source of income in the barangay

Cave- Barangay San Vicente have four caves known as Cave one (1), Cave two (2), Cve three (3) and Cave four (4) that serves as tourist destination inthe barangay.


Barangay San Vicente was a seperated piece from Barangay Libasan which is formerly called Sitio Mapaga. Because of the perseverance of Hon. Sotero the Sitio Mapaga became a barangay and now bearing the name of San Vicente, Bohol came from their patron Senior San Vicente Ferrer.

It was registered on September 21, 1972. The population of the barangay was composed of Boholano, Cebuano and Mansaka. The source of income comes from corn, cocnut, banana, and fruit trees.

As of 2017, according to the population survey, Barangay San Vicente, Nabunturan had 158 household, 613 people and 3 puroks.