Sasa was once the sitio of Barangay Libasan, Nabunturan, Compostela Valley. The name itself was given by the native due to the trees/grass known as “SASA” and also due to their house which were almost made of SINASA. Then, later on after a few years, Sasa became the barrio of Nabunturan, last September 14, 1967 under the reign of Governor Verulo Boiser and Mayor Lauro C. Arabejo.

Barrio Sasa is five (5) kilometers away from the town of Nabunturan. Rolling hills could be seen all around. Permanent crops are coconut, coffee and fruit trees. The soil is almost sandy and could produced only a few cavans of rice and corn.

At present, the people of their barrio came almost from Bohol and few from Leyte and Surigao. Barangay Sasa has three sitios, such as Maobog, Tagnaga and Haguimitan.


Barangay Officials (2013-present)

Brangay Captain:

Hon. Janice H. Nagaliza

Barangay Councilors:

Hon. Geronimo  Lisondra

Hon. Lucio A. Monton

Hon. Nestor L. Lorono

Hon. Trinidad A. Cadiz

Hon. Marites A. Caliao

Hon. Alexandra M. Cadiz

Hon. Carmen Bonalos

Barangay Secretary:

Ms. Rufina B. Galed

Barangay Treasurer:

Ms. Catherine B. Pajo